Investigador predoctoral.
Especialidad: Literatura y cultura alemana

Juanjo Monsell Corts is a researcher in training in the Department of English and German Philology at the Universitat de València and is a recipient of one of the grants for the training of pre-doctoral research personnel offered by the Generalitat Valenciana. He has studied the Degree in Modern Languages and Literatures (German and French) at the Universitat de València with stays at the Leipzig Universität (Germany) and the Wien Universität (Austria) and the University Master’s Degree in Research in Languages and Literatures. He has taken courses in the Degree in Hispanic Studies. He has also carried out work related to translation and theatre writing. So far, his research has focused on German post-dramatic theatre and the mechanisms used by it to represent different types of violence. He is currently working on her doctoral thesis on the semiotic analysis of the representation of mass violence in contemporary European theatre, specifically in the works of the Swiss playwright Milo Rau.

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