Research Team

Melania Torres

Predoctoral researcher.

Literary and cultural studies. Aesthetics and theory of arts. German literature and culture.

Melania Torres Mariner is a Philosophy and Hispanic Studies graduate, minor in German Language and Literature, in Universitat de València. She has completed master degree studies in Contemporary Philosophical Thought at the same university. She is currently contributing to the research project “Contemporary representations of the perpetrator of mass violence: concepts, stories and images” (HAR2017-83519-P) with the preparation of her doctoral thesis on the reception, in the work of Paul Celan, of contemporary German literary tradition, paying attention, on the one hand, to his diagnosis of a culture of exclusion and extermination and, on the other, to its remnants in German literature after the Shoah. The thesis project is carried out under the supervision and guidance of Anacleto Ferrer Mas, within the framework of the doctoral program in Contemporary Philosophical Thought, thanks to the predoctoral contract Atracció del talent of Universitat de València.

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