Start of the 3rd edition of the research seminar: “Contrafiguras. From spaces of perpetration to places of memory”.

Thursday 17 November, from 15 to 17h (UTC+1/GMT+2)
Autor: REPERCRI Research Group

The third edition of the research seminar of the REPERCRI group, “Contrafiguras III. From spaces of perpetration to places of memory”, will start next Thursday 17 November 2022. This year’s edition has a hybrid structure that combines the practice of the reading seminar with the presentation of the research work of those postgraduate students and researchers who participate in the seminar and who are interested in presenting their research on the theme that guides this edition.

To obtain all the information about the seminar (structure, timetable, registration, certification, etc.), you can access the link “additional information” that you will find in the next column of this web entry. As indicated on the seminar page:

The first part of the seminar, reading itself, will take place in two-hour sessions on a monthly basis, from November 2022 to March 2023. Then, in the three final sessions, from April to June 2023, different research papers will be presented in which the question of perpetration and reflection on space will be the backbone. This second part of the seminar will include the participation of some invited researchers, but will also be open to all participants of the reading seminar who wish to present and discuss their research work. In order to coordinate these sessions, a CfP will be opened for seminar participants between January and February 2023.


Both participation in the reading seminar and participation in the form of communication in this second part of the seminar will be certified at the end of the course, provided that at least 70% of the sessions have been attended.


In order to participate in the seminar, it will be necessary to register in the “registration form” that you will find in the next column of this entry.


Once the list of participants has been finalised, the text dossier will be sent to the email address provided.


In order to promote the participation of researchers from other universities, the seminar will continue to be held online. It will take place on the third Thursday of each month, from 15 to 17h (UTC+1/GMT+2) [You can see the calendar of sessions on the seminar website]. The seminar will be complemented with some extraordinary working sessions that will be held in person at the University of Valencia and of which we will inform you through the website of the group.



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